Forensic Evaluations

Forensic Evaluations are offered only through contracts with either attorneys or the courts. No private litigants can retain forensic services.

The oldest and most distinguished board for psychologists is the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). Board certification in forensic psychology by ABPP has been recognized by judicial decisions, regulations, and statutes in some jurisdictions as the standard for competency in the professional practice of forensic psychology. Successful candidates must have accumulated one thousand hours of qualifying experience in forensic psychology over a minimum of a four year period, received one hundred hours of qualifying specialized training in forensic psychology, passed an examination that focuses on eight forensic areas, submitted two practice samples for review by Board Certified Examiners, and passed a three hour oral examination by Board Certified Examiners. The conferral of the Diploma in Forensic Psychology from ABPP attests that the recipient has undergone a rigorous, comprehensive peer review process and that “an established organization of peers has certified the Diplomate as possessing a high level of professional competence and maturity, with the ability to articulate an explicit and coherent rationale for his or her work in forensic psychology.” To learn more about board certification, visit

Dr. Davis has extensive experience authoring forensic psychological evaluation reports and providing expert witness testimony in both civil and criminal matters. He has completed forensic psychological evaluations at both the state and the federal level. Furthermore, he has had the unique experience of having worked in correctional settings in both juvenile and adult settings.


(Forensic services are not a health related service and are NOT covered by insurance)

 ·    Competency To Stand Trial

·      Criminal Responsibility        

·      Bindover to Adult Court

·      Sex Offender Risk Assessment. 

·      Violence Risk Assessment. 

·      Treatment In Lieu Of Conviction. 

·      Fitness For Duty Evaluations.

·      Mitigation Evaluations. 

·      Civil Forensic-Emotional Distress

·      Guardianship-Civil Competency.

·      Education  (Special Education).        

All forensic referrals are accepted only through contracts with courts or attorneys at law. We do not accept referrals through private litigants. Forensic assessment services require advance payment of the estimated cost of the examination and no forensic report will be released until paid in full. 

Forensic Engagement Contract

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